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Bird & Young are dedicated to helping our diverse client base find the right home loan product for their lifestyle and financial situation. To accommodate the needs of our self-employed and freelance clients here in Melbourne, we are proud to offer expert advice and assistance in the area of lo-doc home loans.

Helping Australian entrepreneurs achieve their home ownership goals

Whilst it was once impossible to get a home loan from the banks without proof of maximum assets, minimum liabilities, and proving your stable long-term employment, low doc loans Melbourne bridge the gap to help entrepreneurs achieve their home ownership dreams. A lo-doc (low documentation) loan is ideal for people with an independent employment status who may not have access to the kinds of documentation typically required for a home loan. By taking a holistic approach and assessing the prospective borrower’s overall ability to service a loan, the lo-doc format cuts through much of the bureaucratic red tape usually associated with the home loan process.

We’ll find you the best lo-doc loan solution

Although traditionally low doc loans Melbourne attracted a higher interest rate than the standard variable rate, the sheer volume of lo-doc loan products on the market mean that nowadays most competitive lenders offer a rate that is similar to the standard variable, with all of the same features and benefits. The team of independent experts at Bird & Young is well placed to help you find the best lo-doc loan solution for your financial situation. With access to hundreds of loan products from 20 bank and non-bank lenders, our lo-doc specialists will help you narrow down the field and make an informed decision on which product is most suitable for your needs.

Low doc loans still require docs

It’s important to recognise that a low doc loan is exactly what the name suggests: a loan that requires less documentation of regular income and assets than a regular home loan lender would generally request. Low doc loans still require certain documents to be presented in order for approval, such as proof of:

  • A clean credit history
  • Self-employed for a minimum of 1 year
  • Maximum borrowing of 80% of the property’s purchase price
  • Full property valuations
  • No second property mortgage

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We strive at every turn to offer our clients exceptional customer service experience by ensuring the work we do is efficient, expert, and tailored to their individual needs. We are more than happy to make house calls and will work hard to ensure your needs, goals and expectations are foregrounded at every stage of the loan acquisition process. Our loan experts will do all the necessary research and get back to you with a shortlist of loan products in days. Talk to us today to get started!