Business finance and commercial loans Melbourne

Obtaining business finance solutions for small, medium and large scale business operations is simple with Bird & Young. If you’re looking to borrow funds for a commercial venture, we offer a suite of products with a range of features and options tailored specifically for you. We specialise in structuring a finance solution for commercial and business loans, offering a range of flexible commercial loans Melbourne to help you grow your business, upgrade equipment and manage cash flow without hassle.

Business finance with Bird & Young

Commercial loans Melbourne can be used for any business purchases from upgrading equipment or software, to purchasing a new storefront. Bird & Young offers a wide range of commercial loans, including those loans secured against residential and commercial property, SMSF loans for purchasing commercial property and even loans for commercial property where the rental income generated by the building services the loan. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with appropriate expertise and access to a wide range of business finance Melbourne products.

Why commercial lending?

The standard lending products available on the market are generally not available for the purpose of commercial property or investment ventures. Unlike home loans, the pricing of a commercial loan is rarely set in stone and many of the terms can be negotiated. At Bird & Young, we realise that every business is unique and has its own individual set of needs. That is why our specialist consultants are ready to offer you flexibility in finance that will allow you to maximise your business. The commercial lending products we offer have flexible features that cater for all your purchase, refinance and business requirements.

Simple and flexible loans

When you decide it is time to grow your business, it makes sense to have commercial finance with a simple and flexible structure. With a wealth of experience helping professional investors, developers and businesses with loans to achieve their goals, our commercial loan specialists can assist you with business finance Melbourne for expansion, leasing and buying. We make it easier for you to buy a commercial property or refinance an existing loan. We can help you with commercial finance including overdrafts, term loans, chattel mortgage and leasing finance. We’re committed to helping you understand your commercial finance options and work out which loan structure is best for your business.

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We pride ourselves in providing our clients with an exceptional service experience that is fast, simple and personal. Whether you’re financing your first business venture or looking to fund a large property development, we have a range of lenders to facilitate your vision. Our business finance Melbourne specialists have the experience to help and guide you through the process of structuring the best solution to help you grow. Speak to us today about your business finance Melbourne needs by calling (03) 8610 6991.